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The World of Thrift Flipping


Slow fashion goes beyond shopping at sustainable stores. Thrifting opens a door to a whole other world of sustainable fashion – the world of ‘thrift flipping’. Thrift flipping is a term coined to describe upcycling old clothes into something new. We all have a pile of old clothes we don’t wear anymore sitting at the back of our closet gathering dust. Why? Mostly because it no longer suits the style and aesthetic we now have. 

With changing trends, some of us opt for fast fashion to satisfy our new changes in style. This is a large reason as to why the fast fashion industry releases an estimate of 52 micro-season collections a year!A sustainable alternative to counter this would be thrift flipping. Not only is this sustainable, but it also brings out the creative sides within us. Thrift-flipping within your own closet is ideal as thrift flipping for resale promotes the gentrification of thrift shops. Aside from that, thrift shops sell second-hand clothing at much more affordable prices compared to independent brands and stores which is why it is seen as almost a ‘gold mine’ for families with lower incomes. Flipping clothes from thrift shops and selling them at higher prices, reduces the number of clothing resources for low-income families.

Tiktok, a highly popular and entertaining app where you can pretty much search up everything, provides insightful and fun videos that will tickle your creative senses!

Madeleine White, a popular TikTok influencer who currently has a following of 1.6 million, is well known for her thrift-flipping videos which have amassed millions of views.

Aside from Madeleine, a blogger and a writer on TikTok with over 360 thousand followers by the handle of OfficialllyDivinity, has too taken the wheel behind thrift flipping! As seen in her bio where she describes herself as a “blogger, nerd, writer, potato and villain”, she sure can add certified thrift flipper to the list with her skills showcased in this video:

With the rise in the promotion of sustainable fashion, the TikTok community has put their foot forward to showcase their thrift-flip creations and hopefully encourage others to transform the old clothes lying about in their house. Beginners do not fear! The TikTok community has a plethora of creative beginner-friendly thrift flipping guides that can set you off on the right path to start thrift-flipping!

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